Ich Liebe Berlin

on Tuesday, July 2

One of the many advantages of having a lovely German boyfriend, is the low cost trips back to his homeland! 

We've just returned from what was my 4th trip to Berlin, and as predicted it was blooming awesome! We had an extreme spectrum of weather from a balmy 37°C day of sunshine to the most electric lightning storm I've ever seen! Having stayed in the leafy Charlottenburg for nearly 2 weeks, we had ample time to take in all the city had to offer!

An absolute highlight (which I highly recommend) was going to Fete De La Musique. A free music festival all over the city! We ran around Prenzlaurg Berg feasting on all sorts of musical treats, right from acapella rock groups, swing bands, brass bands to live Electro House from Modeselektor in Mauerpark! 
As well as the festival, we went swimming in the very beautiful lake in Schlachtensee,climbed the dome of the Reichstag, had the best beer and pizza's at  Cafe am Neuen See  and schleusenkrug (2 amazing beer gardens in Tiergarten Park... GO!) and just generally walked aimlessly about town. 

Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich! 

Video in the Reichstag 

the home

on Wednesday, October 31


Some photo's i took at twilight.

Izziyana Suhaimi

on Monday, August 6

My own personal journey down Embroidery Lane has only just begun, but I can only fruitlessly aspire to becoming anywhere as skilled as miss Izziyana Suhaimi here. 

Via Booooom.

my new obsession

on Tuesday, July 31

This is my second attempt at embroidery! I made the piece for my boyfriend and his flat mates friends who recently moved to a new place.
I am now an embroidery fanatic!


Last month my boyfriend and I took a trip to his homeland of Germany! Spending most of our week in Berlin, we ate schnitzel, drank weissbier and walked about the city. Anyone who's visited Berlin will agree that it is a fantastic city, catering to all. Yummy food, amazing shops, late night bars and home to my absolute favourite gallery The Hamburger Bahnhof

Our time in cornwall

just some photo's I took in Cornwall last month.