Art From The New World

on Thursday, June 10

Today me and my flatmate Nat went to see the current exhibition at the Bristol Museum called 'Art from the new world-a big brash exhibition of the new American Art Scene'. Living up to it's title it is a collection of brash, gothic, bright, intoxicating pieces. The works are unified by a common surrealist quality and abuse of colour. I personally wasn't completely convinced by the exhibition. A lot of the works had a very graffiti artist feel to them and if that's your field then I would def check it out! Pieces I did enjoy were 'Buff Monsters' mural as you enter the gallery and a chandelier that hung from the ceiling made up of octopuses arms and shells called 'Miss Fede' by the artist Adam Wallacavage.
A bright fun exhibition that is definitely worth a look if you are a colour enthusiast.

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