Wolfgang Tillmans

on Saturday, July 24

The amazing photographer Wolfgang Tillmans is currently exhibiting at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. It's a relatively small collection of pieces which is a shame, but brilliant all the same. Tillmans has stuck to his signature presentation style of having his photographs scattered around the walls, varying in size, crop, and methods of hanging . At first glance the show looks random in style and thought, but when walking around there is a real sense of unity in the works. There is a flow through the gallery as well as a sense of discovery when walking around the space. You can find your self lost within one of the larger images, to then move onto being sucked in close by the next.
For me what makes Wolfgang Tillmans one of my favourite artists is his presentation. The layouts in the spaces he takes over have a real sense of freedom to them. it is a unconventional/nonconformist way of exhibiting photohraphs, and the photographs start to come together as a sort of installation.

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