The Theatre

on Friday, September 17

Last week we went to the theatre above the tabacco factory. The play was performed in the theatre's bar aposed to the actual theatre which was interesting. When we got there there was no where left to sit and the free whiskey we were promised had run out, but we were reasured by one of the actors that it was better not to have a seat because the play would involve a lot of moving around, which it really did in order to see each scene. The play was called 'A western' and can only be described as a clever piss take of classic western films. The play is performed by a man and a women, the man is the 'hero' and the women is the 'whore', they use ketchup for blood and a bike for a horse. They take it in turns to talk through the scene whilst the other acts it out. each scene begins with the words 'this is the scene where...' my personal favourite was 'this is the scene where our hero buys a shot of whiskey at the bar' the guy actually purchased a shot of whiskey and had the barmaid slid it down the bar to him.
but me describing this play really doesn't do it justice though, if you can go see it, it's only short and very funny.

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