British Art Show 7

on Saturday, March 12

Roger Hirons 'untitled' 2005-10

Currently showing at the Hayward Gallery is the most recent addition of the 'British Art Show' which comes around every 5 years. It is a chance to witness a selection of works by 39 of the most 'significant contributors to contemporary art over the last five years' (This is in Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Mortons opinion). In all honesty I was somewhat underwhelmed by this show. I am usually met with having my expectations exceeded at the Hayward gallery, the lay out is intriguing and allows for interesting next room glimpses, this show however was a little dull. This is not to say that a lot of the work wasn't fantastic, but as a whole I felt a real sense of arrogance. Dark rooms have been created for video viewing but the only trouble was just how dark they were! At one point I found myself trapped between two lots of heavy black curtains in the pitch black (confusing and highly embarrassing). Once I finally found out what was going on I was in a bit of a mood. It felt like they were trying to make viewing the work a bit of a challenge and only the keenest and well sighted of art fans get the pleasure of viewing their work. In the end I gave up entering these pitch black rooms for fear of walking straight into a wall!
Out in the safety of the galleries recessed lighting you are greeted with a pleasing array of works from Sarah Lucus, Wolfgang Tilmans, Phoebe Unwin... which are always a treat but this was not the 'ground breaking' exhibition I was promised. A show I would reccomend looking at online however is 'Skin Fruit' curated by Jeff Koons, far more ground breaking as a collection of contemporary artworks with something to say.

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