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on Friday, August 26

I have recently decided to stop giving into the 'Post Uni Blues' and devise a PLAN. Having never done a gap year I think it's about time I got the hell out of here and did some exploring. My big dream is to go to Vancouver in Canada but I've also been looking into doing a residency in America... I want to do the whole traveling thing but I also like the idea of going somewhere with an aim and being able to create some new work as well. A particular Residency program I'm interested in is based in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (hence the pictures). The deal would be 7 months of creating work in a provided studio and living in the town.... cant think of anything better really?! Obviously this is a very well established program, and what with there only being 20 places, the competition is fierce! So I'm not holding out too much hope but I'm gonna try my best!
SOOO I've got till February to tart up my portfolio and get it online... wish me luck!

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