Silly Things I Bought on Holiday

on Friday, August 5


Whilst in Greece I decided not to buy anything typically Greek or traditional... no no, I opted to buy classic Tack.

1. The miniature Greek Flag was a welcome adornment to a cocktail I had in a Heavy Metal bar! Cocktails after all are extremely Rock n Roll.

2. Breaking every law/rule/oath of the fashion world I caved and bought a FAKE Chanel purse. I am aware of the heinous crime I have committed, it was a selfish act based purely on the fact that I will never be able to afford the real deal. I'm sorry.

3. These nail varnishes are from the little Super Market at the end of the dirt track our hotel was situated on. They resemble the kind of nail varnishes you buy at a corner shop in the kids toy section. I thought they'd be crap BUT surprisingly they're actually pretty good and the colours are great.

4. This is the only thing I bought that I will actually really treasure. We found this amazing little jellewery shop where the lady makes up your charm bracelet there in front of you. She was such a nice lady, and after a bit of chit chat she told us that she's Romanian and had had the best cheese cake ever when she went to Harrods.

5. Another bit of Super Market tack. They had the funniest rings ever in this shop and I just had to buy one.

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