it's a family affair

on Monday, September 26

My featured artist for this week is the amazing illustrator/print maker Liz Lake. She is probably one of the most prolific artists I know, constantly making and involving herself in community projects. Liz is currently living and working in South East London, and is at the start of an MA in Print Making at the RCA. Her work is just so pleasing to look at. They're a wonderful combination of naive childlike imagery paired with intricate skill, detail and techniques (most of her recent work are made up of teeny tiny paper cuts!). Some of my favourite pieces are her paper cut shadow puppets and scenes. Lucky for me Liz is my cousin so I have quite a few of her pieces dotted around my room, My favourite of which is a  cactus print much like the one above, and a wonderful collaborative zine from a few years ago.  Check her work out here.

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